Information for Lawyers

Greenbridge Capital is a Lending Company For Law Firms and their Clients

Our management team includes lawyers practicing within a variety of practice areas within British Columbia. We understand that a client’s unique needs will often demand unique solutions, and our underwriting department stands ready to look at your file from your perspective.

Our underwriting process is geared towards information that you will already have readily available to make the process as seamless as possible.

  • Law firm transparency; we do not lend money without you knowing about it!

  • The underwriting process starts with the client’s application, from which we then pick out the important details that we rely upon to advance funds.

  • Easy payouts provided quickly upon request so that you are not waiting on the lender before your client can make an informed choice.

  • Legal fee flexibility/advance retainers

  • Quick underwriting

For more information on our processes and how we work with Law Firms and their clients, please contact us:


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